Our laboratory is studying the mechanisms of DNA repair.  We are particularly interested in the molecular details that determine how proteins interact with other proteins and nucleic acids (DNA, RNA), to promote and regulate DNA repair.  The primary tools of investigation are X-ray crystallography, biochemistry, and various biophysical methods.  These tools are used to probe the structural details of protein-protein and protein-DNA complexes that are involved in DNA repair.  Our goal is to build a mechanistic model that explains how repair proteins function, and how its function is regulated by various post-translational modifications.  Moreover, many of the proteins we are studying are involved in cancer, and we are interested in applying our research findings to drug development for cancer treatment.  Specifically, we will screen for small molecules with therapeutic potential. 

Research Overview

Wataru Kagawa

Associate Professor

Program in Chemistry and Life Science

Department of Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering

School of Science and Engineering

The Kagawa Lab

at Meisei University